Felicity Wrap Project

I’ve been crocheting up a storm lately. For some reason, my hands seem to be doing a little better. They still go numb and cramp a bit, but I don’t have the lingering pain I had before. They’re stiff when I wake up, but it wears off after awhile. I like to crochet in bed while watching shows on the iPad and I’ve got a huge stash of yarn and tons of projects I’ve been wanting to make.

My latest one is the Felicity Wrap by Robyn Chachula featured in the Nov/Dec 2013 issue of Crochet Today! magazine. The moment I saw it, I knew I wanted to make it. It has a very vintage look to it, especially in the ivory yarn shown. Now I just need to figure out whom to give it to for Christmas.

While I can’t post the pattern, I can show you the finished project. It turned out better than I thought it would. This was the first time I relied mostly on a stitch diagram and let me tell you…I LOVE working with them. They make it so much easier to understand where stitches go and how things fit together. I don’t think I could have finished it without the diagram.





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